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Team Building @ Inkwenkwezi

Team Building @ Inkwenkwezi

“He who dares nothing should expect nothing”

Are you part of a champion team?

Would you like to develop your team to become even greater champions?
If your answer is yes, then let us work together with you to create and build the greatest team possible here at Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve

Team building is a carefully planned series of events. Individuals are encouraged to engage in activities that contribute to the accomplishment of the group as a whole.

At INKWENKWEZI  Private Game Reserve these activities become a process that:

Empowers team members, allowing them to take ownership
Assists the team to operate at it’s full potential
Maximizes the strengths of individual members
Create synergy and co-operation to reach desired goals INKWENKWEZI’S programs are designed to address a spectrum of personal and organizational issues, and provide proven methods for:

• Foster a strong team spirit among participants.
• Create Champions.
• Reinforce skills and behaviors that have resulted in success in the past
Teambuilding at INKWENKWEZI will help your team in the following ways:

• Building Self-Confidence
• Encouraging Personal Risk-Taking
• Accepting Responsibility
• Setting and Achieving Goals
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Improving Communication
• Establishing Trust and Cooperation
• Developing Dynamic Leadership
• Resolving Conflict
• Dealing Effectively with Change
Debriefing of each activity is typically quite extensive.

INKWENKWEZI  Private Game Reserve Teambuilding are best suited for:
• Developing teamwork in a new or reorganized group.
• Bridging gaps between regional offices.
• Improving creativity and problem solving skills
• Reducing intra- and inter-departmental barriers and building a foundation of communication and cooperation.
• Incorporating new managers into existing team


For more informtion kindly contact us on pgr@inkwenkwezi.co.za