East London – South Africa

Elephant Experience

Elephant Experience

Elephant Sanctuary

Visitors are taken on a journey into the world of the African elephant and are guided through an unforgettable experience with these magnificent creatures. Visitors will receive an Educational Talk about Elephants with our own Elephants as visual aids.

The encounter with elephants you experience at The Elephant Sanctuary truly is one of a kind. When meeting them you will discover that each one has a different character, personality and temperament.


Morning Tours:                                    Afternoon Tour:

Check in:                     7H45                       Check in:                   13H45

Departure Time:      8H00                       Departure Time:      14H00


Check in:                   10H45

Departure Time:      11H00


Elephant Educational Cost:       R295.00 per person                Adults

R145.00 per person                Children 4-12 years old

No Charge                                  Children 0-4 years old

Elephant Walk Cost:                 R495.00 per person                Adults

R245.00 per person                Children 4-12 years old

No Charge                                  Children 0-4 years old

Elephant Snack Bucket            R45.00 each                            (contents only)